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The First District is quintessential historic Buda. The rolling hills of the Taban knoll lead up to the quaint UNESCO world heritage Castle Quarter, home of the Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Matthias Church and the Hungarian National Gallery. Here even the fine dining and upscale cafes retain a certain sleepy charm. Moving south, the riverbank is lined with some real gems, from the historic funicular to the pristine Castle Gardens — with hip fine-dining and teahouses in between. Both the famed Rudas and Gellért Hotel and Baths flank the rolling green of the Gellért Hill. Hidden gardens and twisting stairs connect the romantic milieus. Despite the 200+ monuments clustered into the city’s smallest district, the atmosphere in the First remains peaceful and well-kempt.

Top neighbourhoods

Tabán, Castle Quarter, Gellér Hill, Naphegy

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Architectural Notes

The Castle Quarter was one of the first to be settled by civilian homes. The original gothic-style homes from the Middle Ages were rebuilt into Baroque, Neo-Baroque and Classical homes after the Turkish occupation. After the quarter was almost completely razed during World War II, the rebuilding process focused on keeping as close to the originals as possible. The result is an eclectic mix of styles from different eras, perhaps the best reflection of the many eras the area has seen.

Similarly, the rest of the district is filled with renovated classical buildings, interspersed with the Tabán and other parks ample green space and more modern, 20th-century Bauhaus and contemporary apartment buildings.


An eclectic cluster of streets and neighborhoods from times gone by - a romantic piece of living history.

What to Expect

A seemingly endless catalog of historical buildings, stairs, walkways and monuments that make up a surprisingly cozy, modern district. Some of the city’s largest green spaces and best fitness centers complement the district’s well-kempt houses. The dizzying number of monuments, rolling hills and beautiful bridges guarantee that an amazing view is never far off.

What Not to Expect

The First District is beautiful to live in but sparse on casual eateries and places to go out. By nightfall, the streets are quiet and the party has begun in Pest. Luckily, that scene is just a hop, skip and a jump across the bridge.