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Few urban areas can be said to have it all: ample green space, bike lanes, affordable housing, an active and international community, classic nightlife, a blooming gastro scene…all located downtown. But somehow, the XIII’s most popular neighborhood brings it all together. The district’s bike lanes wind down from Margaret Island’s spacious fields, through the restaurants, new-wave cafes and boutiques of Pozsonyi Street, past Szent István park’s perfect picnic oasis all the way to the brand-new pools of the Duna Arena.

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The Housing Market

Pozsonyi út and the surrounding area has long been a desirable neighborhood for locals and expats alike. Despite the humble facades of the 50’s style houses in Újlipótváros, a long-term apartment rental fetches a nifty return for a downtown location. While some hostels line the bordering Szent István Ringroad, the rest of the area is largely home to young families and small businesses.

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Architectural Notes

Step off the Szent István Ringroad and onto Pozsonyi street, or a parallel offroad, and you’ll experience a kind of time travel. Újlipótváros (New Leopold Town) is home to the city’s largest conglomeration of modernist and Bauhaus architecture — a striking contrast to the rest of city’s turn of the century revivalist style. The bright colors, minimalist facades and solid infrastructure of apartment buildings in the area are a huge attraction for its residents.



A charming neighborhood perfect for families, where there’s always something going on or someone to meet.

What to Expect

An all-encompassing district full of cafes, boutiques, restaurants or even bistros ready to cater to your next picnic in the neighboring park. Proximity to Margaret Island and the downtown and heady views of the Danube put Újlipótváros in a prime location for work and play.

What Not to Expect

The XIII. District is huge and happening – it is after all still in the downtown. While parks and the waterfront are readily available, so too is urban life and bustle well and alive.