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Budapest’s Second District is home to the city’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. It marks a rapid shift from the bustling downtown and frequented castle district to peaceful rolling hills. Unique cafes, bars, shopping centers and transportation hubs are clustered from the river to the foot of the hills, and slowly give way to winding tree-lined streets full of gorgeous historic villas. Just a 30-minute ride to the Downtown, the Second is incredibly peaceful, yet approachable, making it a favorite of foreign embassies and the city’s elite.

Top neighbourhoods

Víziváros, Rózsadomb, Pasarét, Hűvösvölgy

The Housing Market

District II is an area in high demand and prices here are higher than average. The riverbank and surrounding area are populated with apartment buildings akin to their downtown counterparts, while the higher you travel up to hillier neighborhoods the more villas and condominiums start to take over the scene. The Second is a high-returning investment location for second home owners and long-term rental investments.

Last Year Growth



Architectural Notes

The hillier neighborhoods of the Second District first started being inhabited at the turn of the century, and astounding new-classical villas in various conditions can be admired throughout the streets. Further growth in the ‘50’s and 60’s also contribute to a formidable showing of Bauhaus residences. Today, demand is only growing in the area, leading to the construction of luxurious minimal condominiums rising up next to their old-world neighbors.


Nyüzsgő utcák és romantikus zöldövezet tökéletes keveréke

What to Expect

Quiet neighborhoods, ample green space and scenic strolls. Beautiful residences, close-by nature walks and charming parks are equidistant to the dining and nightlife of downtown Budapest. This district has something for everyone.

What Not to Expect

An abundance of walkable restaurant choices, or a late-night party scene. Although the hills are home to some of the city’s most upscale dining destinations – and even one of Budapest’s oldest cocktail bars – life in the Second District can feel less connected and bustling than in its more urban neighbors like the Third and First Districts.