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The Fifth district offers its residents the ultimate downtown lifestyle. Filled with luxury accommodation, fine dining, and tourist attractions alike, it’s one of the busiest areas for business and tourism. This district is an attraction for visitors and investors alike and is one area where renovations are consistent and streets are well-kept.

Top neighbourhoods

Leopold Town, Inner City

The Housing Market

District V is the central point for tourism in Budapest. Many flats in the area have been converted into short- and long-term rentals, and luxury apartment construction is on the rise. Property in the area is always in demand, making investments easy to sell when the time is right.

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Architectural Notes

This district is made up entirely of apartments and condominiums, ranging in styles–from classical to Bauhaus– peppered with neoclassical UNESCO landmarks. A lot of city funds have poured into the district, which led to several park and square renovations.


Quintessential Budapest - charming and dynamic.

What to Expect

Property prices in the Fifth district are among the highest in the city, but the area has proven to deliver excellent returns for investors, across all neighborhoods. There is a huge diversity in neighborhoods, ranging from bustling party streets to the incredibly peaceful streets of Viziváros (Water City). Investors looking for property in this neighborhood should consider how close (or far) they want to be from the tourist buzz.

What Not to Expect

Total quiet and green surroundings are not characteristic of this neighborhood. Even on the quietest streets, adventurous visitors to the city roam around during the day. Vehicle traffic can also be heavy in this area, especially during holiday street closures, which can make parking more difficult. Finally, although the district offers several beautiful parks to choose from, District V is not considered one of the greenest areas in the city.

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