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District VI is centrally located on the Pest side of Budapest. Its central artery is the famous UNESCO world-heritage Andrássy Avenue, populated by grandiose embassies, award-winning museums, luxury goods stores and the epic Heroes’ Square. The City Park behind Heroes Square is well on its way to becoming the renewed museum district. A stones-throw from the Opera lies Budapest’s Broadway, Nagymező street contributing theatre, hip bars and food vendors to the scene. Meanwhile a few blocks down, Gustave Eiffel designed Nyugati train station reigns over a bustling, urban neighborhood scene.

Top neighbourhoods

Andrássy Avenue, Nyugati

The Housing Market

District VI has undergone dramatic renovations over the past 5 years, and is continuing to experience improvements adding to its cultural grandeur. Closer to Heroes’ Square, you’ll find villas and consulate buildings with tree-lined streets. Near the city center, you’ll find investment properties with an extremely convenient location and burgeoning neighborhoods maintaining and renovating classic apartment buildings. A central location and tourist hotspot, this District is primed for holiday rentals and hospitality establishments, and also makes a well-located choice for a home for young residents in the heart of the city

Last Year Growth



Architectural Notes

Designed and built in the 1870’s, the original neo-Baroque and neo-Renaissance facades of Andrassy Boulevard’s palaces and buildings have remained untouched since their foundation, save for any necessary renovations and repairs. This remarkable strip of history has 132 buildings of which only 5 are modern, and today is under UNESCO heritage protection.


In the middle of it all

What to Expect

A hub of culture, historic landmarks, and contemporary design and gastro experiences. Whether you fancy a night at the opera or theatre, a day at the museum, or afternoons shopping, browsing contemporary galleries and discovering modern eateries, the Sixth District is the living pulse of the city.

What Not to Expect

Substantial green space or quiet streets. With so much to see day and night, the larger streets of the Sixth see huge crowds at all hours, while even residential side streets are rarely completely empty during the day.