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The Ninth District’s Ferencváros brings bang for your buck — it’s close to the Downtown, well-priced and has its own unique culture. The Corvinus and Semmelweis universities, a handful of alternative music venues and bars, as well as concerted efforts to rehabilitate urban blocks has created a youthful environment stretching from the historic Grand Central Market to the riverside Nehru Park. The creative revitalization of the District’s existing buildings, infusion of connecting green spaces, as well as the tasteful music and arts, theatre, sports and museums won the 25-year-long rejuvenation project the 2016 FIABCI Prix D’Excellence.

Top neighbourhoods

Fővám tér, Boráros tér, Kálvin tér, Nehru part, Ráday Street

The Housing Market

Ferencváros is one of Budapest’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods — thanks to the increasing popularity of its northern neighbors, as well as the District’s significant investment in its renovation. A never-ending stream of students, fresh graduates and even small families make this District an ideal location for a long-term leased apartment or starter homes in Budapest.

Last Year Growth



Architectural Notes

Inner-Ferencváros along the Danube is an eclectic mix of turn of the century buildings, artfully refurbished factory buildings, and stunning new additions — most notably the Budapest Music Center and the ‘Bálna’ shopping mall undulating along the river. Moving south towards Nehru riverbank, multiple story, balconied apartment buildings overlook the river, a theme that continues inland along the bustling Ferenc Ringroad.


Energy, arts and urban life prevail in this up-and-coming swatch of riverside Pest.

What to Expect

A continuously reinvented district that has embraced its grittier foundations and infused them with green space, off the beaten path venues, and cultural staples. A community of young people, students and young families energize the close streets and apartment blocks in the area.

What Not to Expect

Urban grit and energy are an everyday factor in Ferencváros, and you either thrive off of that energy or you don’t. But the District’s singular ecosystem of bars, parks, dining and cultural venues may just find you sticking around more than you expected to.