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Matthew & Daniel's is a real estate company with the sole purpose: help everyone find their place in Budapest.

The solution-driven mindset of an inventor and the sophistication of a watchmaker make us the real estate firm of the 21st century.

Matthew & Daniel's Team




Property expert and investor with decades of experience on the market. Over his career he has been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, market ups and downs when he always find the right path forward but most importantly Ádám known as a man who is blessed with an extra sense to realize the unseen potentials of a property and create remarkable new things. His unparalleled knowledge is the foundation of Matthew & Daniel’s.



Product Manager

Are professionalism and kindness exist together? Maybe nowhere else in the known Universe but in Krisztina certainly. She is the heart of Matthew & Daniel’s, her responsibility is to find, mentor and manage talents to become a real estate advisor who you can trust. She has deep knowledge of the market and also great sense to understood the need of a first time buyer just like a serial investor who is looking for to built a real estate portfolio.

+36 70 770 0943



Chief Executive Officer

Visionary, believe in never-ending improvement - a curious child at heart but entrepreneur at mind. Over his career as a data driven marketing strategist Dániel’s responsibility was always analyzing problems and building solutions. Lately he started to profit by the emerging real estate market in Budapest and co-founded Matthew & Daniel’s as a response for the needs of the foreigner investors and homebuyers.

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Here we are.


1052 Budapest, Petőfi Sándor utca 20.



+36 70 770 0943

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