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The Budapest real estate market is reaching economic mania
Property prices hit record highs in 2018 with 20.7% growth. While, quarterly survey results confirm that home market companies and homebuyers are more optimistic than before the 2008 crisis, the National Bank of Hungary has already begun to question the integrity of current housing prices, signalling a potentially manic market. Let's see the three most important sign why the end is near for the real estate boom.

Prices Show Risk of Overvaluation

The National Bank of Hungary issues warning on the risk of an overheated market The National Bank of Hungary’s (MNB) latest biannual Housing Report reported a risk of overheating in the capital’s real estate market for the first time since the 2008 recession, following a previous report that warned the market should be closely watched. Since then, Hungarian property prices rose 11.5% compared with the same quarter of the previous year. Read More

Economic Expansion is Near to its End

As housing prices reach a fever pitch, real estate and economic cycles forecast a market turn on the horizon A booming economy, record national growth, growing tourism and high demand have fueled steadily rising housing prices for the past 5 years of the current cycle. But as the economic boom ends and GDP growth prognoses confirm slowed growth, the question of when to exit is becoming increasingly urgent. Read More

Hypersupply is Just on the Corner

A flood of new builds, rising AirBnB competition and heightened regulations will push the market towards hypersupply New builds incentivized by tax development schemes will soon fill the housing shortage that currently supports rising prices. Meanwhile, a flood of new hotels and heightened regulations are expected to push AirBnB property owners out and push the market closer to hypersupply. Read More

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Paulina Mangell

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I am so pleased and grateful for Krisztina's help! She has been so helpful and determined to understand my wishes, preferences and style. From the very start she tried to understand exactly what I wanted and gave me more and more options until I was finally satisfied! Although I was a tough costumer, she never gave up on helping me to find my dream home.

W Ho

1 months ago

Very professional and reliable. As a potential US based investor, my experience with the team has been exceptional. Timely and detailed response to questions and just the right amount of follow up without being intrusive nor pushy. On my recent trip to Budapest, on a very tight schedule, the agent lined up the right number of properties in desired districts as requested. Everything went without a hitch within the specified time window. All in all, a great team and will definitely continue the relationship.

Gabor Hajdu

8 months ago

I was very sarisfied with them. They work precisely, reliable, and they know the downtown property market very well. I recommend them.

Madhan Sankar

2 months ago

Trusted and professional company. On-time response, proactive and thoughtful guidance helped me to make right decisions on my investment. The team ensured my reservation price is well protected by detailed analysis of my case. The agreements are well thought through to ensure both parties interests are protected. I am much pleased with the service of this company. Dynamic and energetic team. I will definitely come back to discuss with company in future.

silvia fait

10 months ago

I bought a flat within days with the great support of Krisztina Toth. She was always available and replied to all my questions in no time. Many thanks from a very happy first-time flat owner. Highly recommended!

Jun Li

7 months ago

Before I came to Budapest, I left messages to quite a few Real Estate Agencies expressing my requirements of buying property in Budapest, and Matthew & Daniel was the only one called me directly and send me great info about the market. The very second day after I arrived in Budapest, they invited my to their office with well prepared proposal and potential properties based on my requirements. They were so professional and did everything they can to help me finding me a home. They showed me more than 20 properties and gave me professional advice on pros and cons for each one. They were friendly, very patient, treat me like a family, and finally not only found me an apartment, but a dream home in Budapest. After signing the contract, they also helped us to settle down with Utilities name changes, where to buy furnitures, etc... I felt lucky having Matthew & Daniel's as my Real Estate Agency. If you need a home or properties investment in Budapest, they are the one! Highly recommended!

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