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Discover real estate investment trends in downtown Budapest. Curated by long term growth and incoming cash flow, this guide provides you with a snapshot of the most sought-after desirable neighborhoods in the city.

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Discover the top neighbourhoods of Budapest

Subheadline for the top neighbourhoods.

District V.

Downtown Prestige

The Fifth district offers its residents the ultimate downtown lifestyle. Filled with luxury accommodation, fine dining, and tourist attractions alike, it’s one of the busiest areas for business and tourism. This district is an attraction for visitors and investors alike and is one area where renovations are consistent and streets are well-kept.

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District VI.

Everyday Grandeur

District VI is centrally located on the Pest side of Budapest. Its central artery is the famous UNESCO world-heritage Andrássy Avenue, populated by grandiose embassies, award-winning museums, luxury goods stores and the epic Heroes’ Square.

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District VII.

Lively Bohemian

Over the past decade, the VII. District’s Jewish Quarter has evolved from a bohemian mess of streets to a pulsing, contemporary hotspot filled with new-wave coffee shops, boutique cocktail bars and restaurants, music venues and design stores. The ruin-pubs and Jewish culture that popularized the District are now couched between new neighbors incorporating Western European trends.

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