The most popular investment types on the Budapest real estate market

Buy to let on short term

With a booming tourism industry, short-term letting is the number one choice among investors on the Budapest market. However, regulations and hostile co-op owners make it a harder task to comply, you will need an experienced partner who assist you.

6 %

Average yield

Buy to let on long term

Budapest central neighborhoods are sought after location to live for students, young couples and even for families who live busy life. Long-term letting is demanded in every size and price, great to start your real estate investment in Budapest.

4 %

Average yield

Buy renovate sell

Budapest's central districts are chock full of apartments that have received little love over the past few decades. Buying one cheap, renovating, and then selling with a huge profit is a task for an investor unafraid of risks!

15 %

Average profit margin

Explore in detail the neighborhoods in Budapest

Know our city as well as a local do. Browse our neighborhood guides to learn about the most compelling property investment spots and the most desirable places to live in Budapest.

District V.

Downtown Prestige

The Fifth district offers its residents the ultimate downtown lifestyle. Filled with luxury accommodation, fine dining, and tourist attractions alike, it’s one of the busiest areas for business and tourism. This district is an attraction for visitors and investors alike and is one area where renovations are consistent and streets are well-kept.

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District VI.

Everyday Grandeur

District VI is centrally located on the Pest side of Budapest. Its central artery is the famous UNESCO world-heritage Andrássy Avenue, populated by grandiose embassies, award-winning museums, luxury goods stores and the epic Heroes’ Square.

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District VIII.

The Comeback Kid

Mention of the Eighth District can elicit any number of responses from a listener depending on the context. But a walk down the sunny streets of the ‘Palace Quarter’ and a visit to the newly rejuvenated Rákóczi Square will leave you with no doubt in your mind. The Austro-Hungarian empire’s legacy is more than alive in these streets, with some of the grandest urban palaces in the city to its name.

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