District I.

Living History

The First District is quintessential historic Buda. The rolling hills of the Taban knoll lead up to the quaint UNESCO world heritage Castle Quarter, home of the Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Matthias Church and the Hungarian National Gallery. Here even the fine dining and upscale cafes retain a certain sleepy charm.

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District II.

Getaway in the Hills

Budapest’s Second District is home to the city’s most sought-after residential neighborhoods. It marks a rapid shift from the bustling downtown and frequented castle district to peaceful rolling hills. Unique cafes, bars, shopping centers and transportation hubs are clustered from the river to the foot of the hills, and slowly give way to winding tree-lined streets full of gorgeous historic villas.

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District V.

Downtown Prestige

The Fifth district offers its residents the ultimate downtown lifestyle. Filled with luxury accommodation, fine dining, and tourist attractions alike, it’s one of the busiest areas for business and tourism. This district is an attraction for visitors and investors alike and is one area where renovations are consistent and streets are well-kept.

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District VI.

Everyday Grandeur

District VI is centrally located on the Pest side of Budapest. Its central artery is the famous UNESCO world-heritage Andrássy Avenue, populated by grandiose embassies, award-winning museums, luxury goods stores and the epic Heroes’ Square.

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District VII.

Lively Bohemian

Over the past decade, the VII. District’s Jewish Quarter has evolved from a bohemian mess of streets to a pulsing, contemporary hotspot filled with new-wave coffee shops, boutique cocktail bars and restaurants, music venues and design stores. The ruin-pubs and Jewish culture that popularized the District are now couched between new neighbors incorporating Western European trends.

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District VIII.

The Comeback Kid

Mention of the Eighth District can elicit any number of responses from a listener depending on the context. But a walk down the sunny streets of the ‘Palace Quarter’ and a visit to the newly rejuvenated Rákóczi Square will leave you with no doubt in your mind. The Austro-Hungarian empire’s legacy is more than alive in these streets, with some of the grandest urban palaces in the city to its name.

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District IX.

Young Energy

The Ninth District’s Ferencváros brings bang for your buck -- it’s close to the Downtown, well-priced and has its own unique culture. The Corvinus and Semmelweis universities, a handful of alternative music venues and bars, as well as concerted efforts to rehabilitate urban blocks has created a youthful environment stretching from the historic Grand Central Market to the riverside Nehru Park.

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District XIII.

Downtown Residential

Few urban areas can be said to have it all: ample green space, bike lanes, affordable housing, an active and international community, classic nightlife, a blooming gastro scene... all located downtown.

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